The Importance of Hiring a Qualified Detroit Home Inspector

by zoya aryaSeptember 6, 2023

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Having a professional home inspection is crucial when buying or selling a home in Detroit. While it may seem like an added expense, the inspector's unbiased assessment of your property provides key insights that benefit all parties involved. However, not all Detroit home inspectors offer the same level of quality and expertise.

When making one of the biggest financial investments of your life, it's critical to hire an experienced, qualified home inspector in Detroit. Here's why matters and how to choose the right inspector.

Look for Proper Licensing

In Michigan, home inspectors must hold a license from the Michigan Occupational Code Division to operate legally. Check that your chosen inspector's license is active and in good standing. Licensed inspectors have passed testing on all aspects of home systems. They're also required to carry insurance.

Verify proper licensing by searching the inspector's name on Michigan's license lookup website or asking to see their license number. Unlicensed inspectors expose you to major liability risks.

See How Long They’ve Served Your Area

Look for an inspector with an established track record specifically in Metro Detroit. Local experience leads to greater familiarity with common regional issues like basement flooding risks, old lead plumbing lines, radon prevalence, and impacts of cold winters.

Ask how long they’ve inspected Detroit area homes and how many local inspections they’ve completed. Experienced inspectors know what to look out for.

Evaluate Their Specialized Training

Beyond basic licensing, advanced training demonstrates an inspector's commitment to their craft. Specialized certifications show enhanced expertise in areas like structural engineering, indoor air quality, thermography, mold assessment, and more.

Organizations providing recognized continuing education include ASHI, InterNACHI, NAHI, and the International Code Council. Ongoing training is a must in this complex, evolving profession.

Make Sure They Follow Industry Standards

Reputable home inspectors adhere to a standardized procedure for each inspection. They follow best practices set by leading organizations to evaluate all aspects of the property systematically.

This includes both interior and exterior components, from structural elements to systems to appliances. The resulting report should compare conditions to established industry benchmarks.

Ask About Their Equipment

Today's home inspectors use high-tech tools for diagnosing issues. Thermal imaging cameras detect moisture and insulation defects. Carbon monoxide monitors test indoor air quality. Specialized devices can even check for termite infestation.

Look for an inspector who invests in state-of-the-art equipment and knows how to use it. This expands their inspecting capabilities.

Read Reviews From Past Clients

One of the best indicators of an inspector's quality is positive feedback from local customers they've worked with in Detroit. Search online reviews and directly ask for references from recent clients.

Contact them about their experience with the inspector's thoroughness, professionalism, communication skills, and attention to detail. These insights speak volumes.

Ensure They Have Adequate Insurance

A properly insured inspector offers important protections:

  • General liability insurance covers property damage
  • Errors and omissions insurance protects against claims of negligence
  • Worker's compensation applies if the inspector is injured on your property

Ask for proof of current policies with sufficient coverage limits. Never hire uninsured inspectors.

Look For Clear Reporting

The inspection report details the inspector's findings, recommended repairs, and conclusions on the home's overall condition. It's your guide for any negotiations with the buyer or seller.

So quality reporting with photos, diagrams, effective wording, and organization is a must. Review sample reports from the inspector to evaluate their clarity and depth.

They Should Follow the Code of Ethics

Many inspectors voluntarily abide by a professional code of ethics. This demonstrates accountability regarding honesty, objectivity, and representing conditions fairly without bias.

Good inspectors want to build trust and uphold the profession's reputation. Look for a commitment to ethical principles.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Some inspectors also perform repairs which poses ethical dilemmas. Make sure your chosen inspector only inspects, avoiding any conflict of interest. The only service they should provide is the inspection itself along with the detailed report.


With major financial and life decisions on the line, Detroit home inspections require exemplary qualifications and expertise. Follow these tips to choose a licensed, experienced inspector committed to fair, high-quality evaluations. Don't cut corners on this important investment. Read more

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