Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency on UAE Roads

by zoya aryaMay 23, 2023
Fuel Efficiency

Due to high inflation and the rising cost of living, many individuals are looking for ways to save money on several essentials, including petrol. Additionally, they do not need to switch to the newest and most fuel-efficient vehicles; simple daily fuel-saving strategies are enough. So, if you want to get more miles out of the fuel tank, here are the five best ways to improve fuel efficiency on UAE roads.

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Ways of Improving Fuel Efficiency on UAE Roads

Keep The Appropriate Tire Pressure

The weight of your car is affected by how much air is in your tyres. Under-inflated tires increase the contact area between the tires and decrease mpg by 2.5%. Over-inflated tires reduce grip and performance, making the car harder to handle and giving you a bumpy ride.

Make sure you keep the right air pressure according to what the vehicle's manufacturer says to ensure a smooth ride.

Reduce vehicle weight

A vehicle's fuel usage increases by 2% to 3% for every 50 kg it carries. If your car has a smaller engine, it may have an even bigger effect. If you're trying to save money on fuel, you should get rid of all the extra stuff in your trunk, such as boxes of tools, sports accessories, and other random objects. You can also eliminate or replace parts of your car you don't need.

Use Cruise Control

Cruise control helps you keep your speed and save fuel when driving on a long stretch of highway. When you use your cruise control, your speed stays the same, and you don't use additional fuel by speeding up. You can find out online what your car's most fuel-efficient speed is and try to set your cruise control there, as long as it's legal and safe to do so.

Avoid unnecessary idling.

Depending on the size and kind of engine, a car idling for an hour takes half a gallon of fuel more than starting it again. So, if you are waiting for someone, but the engine is still running, turn it off in order to save fuel.

But if your car has a stop-start system, you don't have to turn off the machine manually.

Map Out the Route

Stop-and-start Traffic affects your engine and consumes more fuel. To avoid this, think carefully about how you will get to work. Also, make sure you know where you're going so you don't waste fuel and time driving in circles trying to get there. You can use Google Maps or a modern satellite navigation system that lets you choose the fastest way to get to the same place faster.

Most fuel-efficient car in the UAE

The base mileage of a vehicle is the distance it can travel on a given quantity of fuel. The fuel economy of gasoline-powered vehicles is measured in miles per gallon (MPG), while diesel-powered vehicles are measured in kilometers per liter (KPL).

The annual average number of miles traveled in the UAE is a significant factor in determining the total cost of car ownership. Generally, vehicles with greater fuel economy are more efficient. Therefore, they save money on petroleum over time.

Below are the most fuel-efficient vehicles in Dubai.

UAE Car Buying Advice

Research fuel-efficient car models. Compare the gas mileage and choose the best model.

  • Smaller cars have better gas mileage. If your daily commute does not require a large vehicle, you can save money on petroleum by purchasing a smaller vehicle.
  • Instead, choose a hybrid or electric vehicle for better fuel economy and lower emissions. They cost more upfront but save you a lot on petrol.
  • Smaller engines usually get better mileage. Compare engine sizes to choose the right car.
  • Before buying, test drive the car to see how it handles. Consider gas mileage, acceleration, and performance.
  • Service records should be checked to maximize gas mileage. Request the service records to check for major repairs or mileage-affecting issues.
  • If you locate a reliable used automobile with low miles, negotiate a lower price. Bargaining can save you now and later.


While we can't do anything about fuel prices, PitStopArabia can help you by giving useful tips to improve your car's fuel economy. These tips may have shown why your fuel expense is rising.

Finally, observing speed limits, maintaining your vehicle, and driving properly can cut fuel costs by 40%. If that sounds game-changing, get in your car and make a difference!

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