Understanding of Types of US Visitor Visas: B-1 (Business) and B-2 (Tourism)

by Luna johnsonAugust 23, 2023
Understanding of Types of US Visitor Visas

The United States is a country known as the “land of opportunities”, which is the main reason for its high demanding visa from all over the world. The valuable opportunities insist people explore the US to experience a better lifestyle and a successful future. Visa consultancy services in Banglore provide the proper guidance about choosing the right visa option suitable to your travelling purpose. It also provides various kinds of visas to visitors, and among them, there are two most common categories of visas, B-1 (Business) and B-2 (Tourism).

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Types of US visit Visas: B-1 (Business) and B-2 (Tourism):

The US Visa visitor program provides two main category visas. These are B-1 and B2. The purpose of each visa category is different and suitable to the applicant's intention to visit the US. Applicants must select one type which is ideal for the nature of their travelling towards the US. 

B- 1 business visa: People often travel to the US to fulfil their business activities. Now it is convenient for them to choose the best suitable visa for attending business conferences, business meetings participation or going through social contracts. Various other business-related activities can be filled efficiently by availing of this visa. This visa also covers educational, scientific, or other professional activities. 

B-2 tourist visa: This visa is best suitable for people who are intended to visit the US to fulfil their tourist needs. This visa provides the best experience to applicants who want to explore the various areas of the US. This visa is also suitable for vacations, visiting their families or friends, and medical treatment. This is the short visa category to full fill the temporary needs of people visiting the US. 

What is the purpose and duration of each visa type?

B1 visa purpose and duration

As we understand, B-1 visa suits individuals who want to complete their business activities. Hence the duration of this visa is limited to a short period and is flexible for fulfilling business needs. The wide duration of this visa includes from a few days to several months depending upon the need of the business. This is only for fulfilling your business needs and strictly permit the applicant to engage in any working experience, employment, or any other way to receive payment from us people. 

B2 visa purpose and duration

Several other kinds of activities are fulfilled by having a B-2 visa. This visa is best suited for individuals who want to explore the different areas of the US or visit their friends or families. People can also avail other needs at a given time, including medical treatments or participating in any social event. This visa is also short-term, and individuals can stay with the B-2 visa as long as determined by the US authority. Mostly this visa is provided for 6 months, and it can be extended up to the desired limit in some cases to fulfil the primary purpose of visiting the US with the B-2 visa. 

Eligibility criteria for Visa approval

US visitor visa consultants in Banglore help individuals to fulfil all the necessary requirements for visa approval. The US authorities monitor the purpose of travelling of us visitors. Individuals must fulfil all the retirements to approve the B-1 or B-2 visa application. Applicants must indicate the purpose of their trip to the US. They must provide correct information about their home country, including employment, property ownership, or family. Applicants must have excellent financial ability to showcase their accommodation and expenses to US authorities. There must be no criminal record to violate the rules and regulations of that country. All the documentation must be accurate and filled in to elevate the chances of visa approval. After fulfilling all these requirements, applicants are invited to attend the interview at the US embassy. All the honest information provided by the applicants can enhance the chances of visa approval.

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