Useful Tools and Methods to Shave Your Legs Perfectly

by zoya aryaJune 10, 2021
Useful Tools and Methods to Shave Your Legs Perfectly

When it comes to hair removal- whether for guys or girls- shaving is the most common method used. Being the cheapest and quickest too, it’s no wonder for most people, our go-to tool is the razor, to clear away unwanted hair. While that may be so, many of us still manage to nick ourselves, get a leftover stubble, or just don’t have an easy time with it.

So, we got the experts to help us out here by sharing some unique tools and methods we can use to get those perfectly shaved legs.

Some standard methods include- wetting the area, using shaving foam, exfoliating, shaving in the opposite direction to the hair, and, of course, using a good razor.

Now let’s see what else is there to try out.

Foam Tubing on your Razor for a Better Grip

“Shaving your legs is a chore for everyone, and for people with grip challenges, can be a real pain. Literally! Arthritis, stroke, carpal tunnel, limb loss, and so any other conditions make this not only difficult but dangerous when wet and soapy shaver handles become hard to hold. But good news! There are some tools that can make it much easier and safer to accomplish those ultra-smooth legs, sleek underarms, and neat bikini areas. Try colorful foam tubing to slide over your razor handle to give you a wider base to grasp. Try the EazyHold. A fun silicone cuff that slides over the razor to give you a secure hold and more control, shave after shave, with little to no grip necessary. Even in the slipperiest of environments, this little cuff makes it a breeze to shave comfortably and safely. Everyone deserves to look and feel their best... and these inclusive ideas are great for Every-Body!”

Kerry Mellin is the Founder and Co-Owner of EazyHold.com

Heat, Cream, and Cool

“A couple of thoughts on how to shave your legs (and the rest of your body!) better: Heat is your friend. A hot shower, microwaved/steamed face towel, or even warmed shaving cream can help you get a softer and more luxurious shave. It’s a great way to soften up your hair, letting you get a closer shave, and it can help relax you skin, which will help reduce nicks and cuts. A lathered cream is always better than a quick gel. Most of the quick-foam gels on the market are pretty drying and can actually cause more trouble than they solve. A good cream or oil based shaving product can help your razor glide more smoothly and give you a more comfortable shave. Additionally, they help moisturize your skin and tend to smell much better than a lot of the products out of a can! Brush it up. Shaving brushes might be marketed towards men’s faces, but there’s no reason you can’t use them anywhere else. A good shaving brush helps lather up your shaving cream and will also help to get hairs raised a little higher away from the skin, allowing for a closer shave. Cool water to close. If you want to really give yourself a comfortable shaving experience, don’t just wipe away the remaining shaving cream and go on with your day. Take an extra minute to use cool water on the area you’ve just shaved, either with a shower or just a cold face towel. Where our grandfathers might have recommended an alcohol based aftershave to really shock the pores, we know these days that using some cool water can help reduce inflammation, irritation, and be soothing in a much more comfortable way. Just a quick rinse off can really help with comfort through the rest of the day. Moisturizing isn’t just for your face. We tell guys to make sure they use a good moisturizer after shaving to help repair and protect their skin after dragging a blade all over it and the same applies to the rest of your body. A good body lotion or oil can help provide some much needed nourishment to your skin and keep it looking fresh and healthy.”

James Thomson-Sakhrani, Founder Style Standard

A Good Shaving Gel

“MËNAJI’s Clear Shave 3-in-1 Formula is the secret weapon for hundreds of professional make up artists! Used on set, back stage and on location, this USA-made clear botanical-rich gel is chock full of natural ingredients to prep the skin for a close, comfortable smooth shave. Yes it was originally created for guys (as we’re a men’s brand), but women find it works and delivers results. Legs, arms, facial hair above the lip, it gently does the trick. This travel-size airless pump conserves water and is endorsed by The Water Project. It helps prevent ingrown hairs, and razor burn. The clean, botanical formula hydrates and softens skin.”

Pamela S.Viglielmo, CEO/President Menaji Worldwide, LLC

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