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vieffe controsoffitti

Association had a few mastery in the stock and foundation

VIEFFE - CONTROSOFFITTI is an affiliation that shows over 40 years of consideration with progressing and underpinning of materials to improve dry works.


Via Orbetello, 119 – 10148 Torino, TO

Vital mastery and capacity are the normal attributes of the affiliation which, in light of the presence of master faculty, has figured out an acceptable method for working in the field of fire security and warm and acoustic confirmation.

Vieffe Srl manages the save of plasterboard, mineral fiber, mineral wool, calcium silicate, fiber concrete and fire hindrance frameworks, as well as the groundwork of fake housetops, walls, beguiling walls, security of crossing focuses and channels.

With quality and state of the art devices we are thoroughly participated in the utilization of recessed luminaires and spotlights for a misleading housetop.

With the experience and plan limit that has portrayed it since its foundation, Vieffe Srl can offer the most reasonable reaction for a need.

The energy for our work
Welcome to our new "home"! It isn't not difficult to look at one's Relationship without getting gotten up by the energy of recalling 40 years of action through a sluggish yet steady ludicrous distinction in the general populace in which we live and, thus, of the market wherein we keep on working. I survey, similar to it were today, the hardships in introducing a "astonishing" thing, for example, plasterboard to a market utilized exclusively to stone work… yet, endless years, I have seen this improvement secure itself in the entire of its applications. I overall survey the shock of obviously the principal clients who saw their deals perceived in an extremely brief timeframe: flawlessness of subtleties, unimaginable compositional answers for be made in stone work, satisfying conditions and phenomenally low expenses!

In like manner, this is how we made the stream business structure: an arrangement where district regulators and their own clients can find both standard things and market interests since, it ought to reliably be highlighted, the excursion for new materials and new establishment techniques won't anytime stop.

Today our clients are trained professionals, fashioners, organizers, that is businesses a colossal degree (even abroad!), and we have changed into a perspective for everybody in light of the fact that together we track down the most reasonable reaction for each kind of progress need.

Our commitment is to supply materials of the best quality and dependably imaginative so our client finds in us an aseptic provider of materials, yet all the same a good to go, delicate and reliable frill.

Our platitude?

"Attempting to end up being together".

John Vanoli

Beguiling roofs in wood, metal and more in Piedmont

Vieffe Srl is an overall high level relationship in the improvement of misleading roofs in wood, metal and different materials.

Style and tastefulness are dependably the explanation of our exercises in general.

Explicit wooden roofs
Wood, the most ordinary and all around gorgeous material for inside redesign, is the most ideal decision for your surprising undertakings. Both overlay and veneered, with various characters, the intentional designs make this kind of joke roof another decision for express settings, meeting rooms, meeting rooms, shops and bistros. For a predominant acoustic show, various kinds of openings are made, with various types of mounting frameworks, with detectable arrangement, Microlook rendition covered structure, where the improvement can go out to be, whether unmistakable, a further piece of furniture and clean .

Gyptone and Gyquadro suspended plasterboard suspended roofs
Gyptone and Gyquadro suspended plasterboard suspended roofs offer producers an obviously thrilling and imaginative mix of style and execution, as well as limitless choices, for inside plan. They consolidate outstanding course of action plans with the strength of mortar and staggering sound support attributes.

Armstrong explicit mineral fiber roofs
Armstrong explicit mineral fiber roofs can be introduced considering reasons going from feel to some place safe. A colossal typology of updates and associations that answer the most unambiguous market needs.

Inspectability, respectability and acoustic execution are definitely the most fascinating parts of mineral fiber housetops.

Misleading roofs and plasterboards in Turin
The Vieffe Srl organization works with responsibility and amazing skill in the city of Turin. On account of the far and wide utilization of plasterboard, our distribution centers are in every case all around supplied with material. Notoriety and quality are the curious qualities of the materials and instruments with which we complete structure works consistently, with a significant imaginative and style reference.

Consistently our organization produces plasterboard misleading roofs accessible, upon demand, likewise as adornments and as outfitting components.
Plasterboard roofs
The plasterboard bogus roofs made by Vieffe Srl have a triple utility, utilitarian and simultaneously stylish.
As a matter of fact, our misleading roofs are utilized to cover, protect and enliven houses, workplaces, lodgings, shops and different floors of the construction being referred to.
Plasterboard walls in Turin
Vieffe Srl is an organization that has been work in the plan and development of protecting plasterboard parcel walls for over 40 years.

Protecting part walls are the ideal answer for separating the living or working space with common sense and usefulness, at extremely low expenses contrasted with different arrangements and almost no obtrusive structure mediations.

The making of plasterboard walls ends up being very practical and brings, simultaneously, speedy and basic advantages. On account of plasterboard according to the perspective of energy saving, getting warm and acoustic insulation will be simpler. Then again, taking everything into account, the development of walls permits you to redesign the space as indicated by private preferences and necessities.
Warm protection
Warm protection has turned into a fundamental issue for everybody.
Costs, yet over all the natural effect of powers, have become subjects of normal interest. Protecting homes and working environments well is fundamental. Plasterboard sheets combined with protecting materials, for example, glass fleece, rock fleece and numerous others are unequivocal for both new and existing structures.
Acoustic solace has become fundamental for regular day to day existence. The most cutting edge and elite exhibition arrangements can be made with plasterboard and gypsum plates.
The arrangements that VIEFFE SRL are HABITO Strong point mortar fiber chunks Fermacell LIGNUM piece and TECNOBOARD mortar plates, the best arrangements available that can be joined with existing or recently caused circumstances
book shops
Nearly everybody knows the adaptability of covered mortar, however not every person realizes that new advances have been developed to make the occupation simpler and to accomplish improved results. Manifestations of plasterboard shelves, with a characteristic look, development of prepared to-gather sections, covering of chimneys and bended walls, to get more rich and specific settings.
Bogus roofs made with various levels, with corners or adjusted edges and numerous different conceivable outcomes that the new advancements made accessible to us permit us to make. This permits the making of progressively unique and inventive settings, without serious issues and, most importantly, without long lead times.

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