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by Anvika aryaNovember 22, 2022
virtual landline

Using a virtual landline is a great way to stay in touch with family and friends when you are traveling or otherwise away from home. It is also great for those who want to avoid the expense of a traditional phone line. These days, you can find a variety of different options on the market, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs.

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Whether you are looking to start a business or simply improve your virtual landline, Vonage offers a number of VoIP services that can help. These VoIP services are highly affordable and easy to set up.

Vonage offers residential and business plans that come with a variety of features. The Vonage base plan is reasonably priced and includes unlimited calling. You can add on features such as toll free lines, virtual numbers, and fax lines.

The Vonage extension app allows you to control your Vonage service from mobile devices. This includes Android and iOS phones.

The Vonage app also makes it easy to receive inbound calls. You can set up a list of up to 10 contacts, and it will automatically connect them when you have a call.


Whether you're looking to replace your current phone system or want to add a second line of business communications, Aircall is a fantastic option. It's a cloud-based system that connects your business calls to your CRM and other popular business apps. It has plenty of features to help manage call volume, including a call recording feature, a warm transfer feature, and a call center. It's also extremely user-friendly.

Unlike some other cloud phone systems, Aircall allows you to use your desktop or smartphone for making and receiving calls. It's also got an impressive suite of mobile apps, including an auto attendant, an IVR, and a call recorder. Aircall even has a call activity feed that allows you to see the performance of your entire team at a glance.


Whether you are a small or a large business, you can benefit from CircleLoop. Its cloud-based phone system puts you in control of your phone system. You can customize the features, sync your contacts, and manage your business calls. It has over 60 smart self-service features.

You can also access your business phone system from anywhere. You can assign your phone to different users and assign extensions. You can even assign multiple phone numbers for marketing campaigns. You can also access the auto-attendant to reduce the burden of customer calls. You can also set up custom greetings.

CircleLoop is a great way to get started with your business communications. It includes professional business numbers, call forwarding, professional IVR Greetings & Menus, call recording, and a powerful call analytics dashboard.


Getting a virtual landline in the UK is a great way to expand your business's reach and build credibility. You can choose from a wide range of virtual landline providers. However, it is important to pick the one that offers the right features for your needs.

With a virtual landline, you can mask your personal phone number and connect with customers without revealing your personal contact information. This helps you save money and enhance customer satisfaction. It also helps you to record customer calls, so that you can train your sales staff to handle calls better.

CallHippo provides a wide range of virtual landline solutions to businesses. Whether you need a UK business phone number, or a number in other countries, CallHippo can help.


Having a virtual landline can help businesses to lower incoming call costs, establish a local presence, and keep the remote team connected. With a virtual phone number, a business can receive calls on a mobile device, a tablet, or a traditional home phone.

Virtual landlines provide crystal-clear voice quality. They also allow businesses to answer calls on any device, including desktops and smartphones. They can be easily set up and used. They can also offer an additional layer of security.

Some virtual landline providers offer voicemail, text add-on services, and other features. They can help businesses save money, while also helping teams to work more efficiently.

Number People

Whether you are in a serviced office or work from home, a virtual landline can help you connect with customers and staff. It provides a great amount of cost saving potential and lets you manage your calls without the hassle of physical phone lines.

A virtual landline number is a great way to give your business a local feel. Often, your customers don't want to call a phone number that's from a different part of the world. You can add a number that reflects your area code, such as an 0800, to make your business appear more local.

Virtual landlines also allow you to take calls from any device. You can receive calls on your mobile phone, or assign a number to your laptop or personal cell phone.

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