What Covid Tests Do I Still Need To Travel Abroad?

by Anvika aryaNovember 18, 2022
What Covid tests do I still need to travel abroad

The world has experienced the devastation of Covid-19. Nobody wants to welcome it again; therefore, people have started getting Covid-19 tests to detect its presence or absence in the body. Furthermore, according to government rules, nobody can exit and enter any country without Covid-19 tests. As Covid-19 disappeared, some countries removed restrictions. But, there are still some tests that are crucial for travelers.

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Fit to Fly Test

Any test that permits you to start your journey after examining your health condition is known as a fit to fly test. In the COVID-19 world, travelers use these same tests before starting their journey. Before ordering a traveling test, you should understand the two classifications of fit to fly tests.

  1. Fit to fly antigen test
  2. Fit to fly PCR test

You can get Rapid antigen or PCR tests before booking your flight abroad.

1. Fit to Fly Antigen Test

If you do not have time before your flight, you can order an antigen testing kit from Official Rapid Tests. It is the fastest way to get your health report regarding Covid-19. Rapid antigen tests detect virus antigen in a human specimen taken from the nose or throat and show results within 15 minutes.

2. Fit to Fly PCR Test

Another type of fit to fly test is fit to fly PCR test, which detects Covid-19 by investigating the presence of virus genetic material inside the human DNA sample. Its results come after 24 hours because of the multiplication of human DNA fragments. For a PCR test, you must conduct it 24 or 42 hours before your flight because it expires after 42 hours.

The Comparison Between Antigen and PCR Test

Those who have questions related to the comparison of antigen and PCR tests can clear their confusion here.

  • The antigen test detects the virus antigen in the human body, while the PCR test examines the virus genetic material in human DNA.
  • The antigen test gives results on a testing machine that operates like a pregnancy stick. You must send your collected sample to the lab for the PCR test.
  • The antigen test takes 15 minutes to give results, and the PCR test delivers results within 24 hours.
  • PCR test is more reliable than antigen test because it can give accurate results even during pre-infectious and post-infectious stages of viral infection. However, Rapid antigen tests can only provide perfect results during the infectious period.

The Hub of Covid-19 Tests

Whatever the test you want to get before your flight, you will need to search for the most authentic organization for acceptable Covid-19 certificates. Official Rapid Tests is the hub for Covid-19 tests, and here you can get the following test at affordable rates.

  1. In Clinic Testing (PCR & Antigen)
  2. Fit to Fly Antigen Test
  3. Fit to Fly Covid PCR Test
  4. Video Telehealth Supervised Test
  5. Return to UK Antigen Test

Official Rapid Tests will please you with their flawless online services and provide you with the most authentic certificate for your cheerful journey.

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