What is Academic writing style, rules, characteristics & Help

by Anvika aryaNovember 18, 2022

The academic style of writing, its characteristics and the basic rules in which works the academic style is used

After entering a university or college, students have a lot to learn. The school knowledge base is not enough to quickly get used to the new educational process and living conditions. You have to learn many skills on your own: manage your time effectively, write notes, do research, and even ... learn how to cook pasta in a kettle. 

Academic writing style Academic writing style Another skill that you need to master at the very beginning of your studies is academic writing style. It is not like other styles familiar from school, and consists in a specific and objective disclosure of a given topic. For many students who are just starting out in college or university, this can be a real challenge. To avoid this, it is necessary to learn the basics and rules of academic style as early as possible.

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Characteristics of academic writing

Clarity and conciseness

Academic writing uses formal language. It's optimized enough for clarity and conciseness that it may at first seem counterintuitive to using a formal language. 

Many authors confuse formal and artistic languages. As a rule, complex words, long sentences and metaphors are used in the artistic style. 


In any kind of written work, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of grammar and style, which are taken from two sources - from the style guide of the work on which you are working, and from the generally accepted rules of academic writing. Style guides contain detailed requirements, such as instructions on whether certain compound words should be hyphenated when writing numbers in words or using numbers. The broader rules of academic writing , such as writing in the third person and maintaining an objective tone, apply to all academic style. 

Other types of writing are not as strict about "correct grammar". In fact, text types such as blogging and advertising copywriting often need to break established grammar rules in order to grab readers' attention and communicate effectively with them. 

Using question marks to create intrigue, completing sentences with prepositions and exclamation points to make your sentences exciting are great conversational writing strategies, but they have no place in an academic style.

Types of Work for Academic Writing

Academic writing is used for different types of jobs. These include: 

  • Essay. This is a relatively small written work with an accurate and conclusive disclosure of the topic.
  • Diploma. This type of work refers to the final project of the master's program (and some undergraduate programs).
  • Dissertations. This term is used for projects that culminate in a doctoral program. 

The last two types are voluminous works for obtaining a degree. It is appropriate to ask intelligent questions, make convincing arguments or make you think. The basis for writing a thesis or dissertation is the results of the candidate's research under the supervision of a supervisor. 

  • Research proposal. This is a document formally requesting sponsorship or funding to support the author's academic research. The research proposal sets out how the author plans to conduct his research, why he wants to conduct it specifically, and what results he expects to get. 
  • Research work. They are a complex work that fully demonstrates the author's understanding and study of the subject. Each research paper is built around a thesis - a statement in the first paragraph, which sets out the position of the author, provides and summarizes the arguments.
  • Literature review. It is an academic text that summarizes, describes and evaluates a topic through an analysis of the work of other authors. A literature review explores a topic through two or more papers, and these may be books, research papers, presentations, dissertations, or other published material. 

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