What is Arive Bringing to France?

by Anvika aryaJune 25, 2022
What is Arive Bringing to France?

People were confined indoors for nearly two years due to the global health catastrophe. To prevent the fatal coronavirus from spreading during that time, individuals attempted to spend as little time outside as possible. Numerous startups, including Arive, and well-known companies created apps that let consumers shop for necessities like food, personal care products, medicines, and much more.

Instantaneous purchase and delivery of such things were, in fact, a major bubble at the time, and brands anticipate it to persist post-Covid. This is what kept eCommerce firms alive around the world. In fact, several companies even provide consumers with food and prescription drugs in less than 30 minutes at their front door.

Brands are likely to go beyond that during the post-pandemic phase. They ought to support non-essential items and still provide quick delivery. Imagine getting your Bose QC 35 II, VanMoof S5 or A5 bike, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and other consumer products delivered to your door.

Although it seems intriguing, Arive will soon make this the standard in France. The company and its crew want to create a location where you can conveniently shop for your favorite products. The startup advertises an experience that is full of inspiration and excitement with the motto "let everything you love Arive."

Arive, Your Instant Delivery Service Arive is driven by exclusive relationships and constantly evolving curations. Because of this, the company intends to provide its rapid delivery service for items other than food and necessities. Arive launched a $20 million Series A at the start of the year to create a novel shopping experience.

In order to sell and transport their products utilizing its courier service, Arive has worked with premium stores and electronic giants in addition to local stores as part of its Prime Now-Style service. As a result, the money is intended to increase traction and spread the company's services throughout the UK and other regions.

The average order, according to Arive, is anticipated to cost between €56 and €113 ($56 and $113), and the average basket contains 1-4 products. The new rapid delivery approach outperforms the weekly multiple-basket supermarket orders that each client places.

The founders of Arive, Maximillian Reeker, and Linus Fries, came up with the concept while attending business school. "It's not just about being the next rapid commerce vertical, but establishing the next generation of eCommerce," Maximillian stated during the investment announcement. A "very convenient delivery of between 30-60 minutes, linking consumers to local retailers with a bike-based service, in an app suited for their phone" is the next generation.

Consignment, wholesale, and marketplace possibilities will all be supported by its "Cloud-Stores," which are its warehouses. The company's primary business and source of revenue is anticipated to be the wholesale sector.

Arive also intends to provide white label services, in which third-party shops purchase its backend technology and delivery infrastructure in order to offer instant delivery services to their clientele. The service is intended for fashion shops and companies with online customers that want their clothing more quickly.

The retail sector will undoubtedly be stirred by Arive's instant delivery strategy as it snatches market share from FMCG and grocery staples. The business plans to quickly expand throughout Europe and cover markets like France and Germany in addition to the UK.

To promptly fulfil the orders, Arive will hire both full-time and part-time workers. Even as the brand grows globally, the utilisation of its fleet of bikes and small electric cars will have a minimal environmental impact. The strategy will guarantee that consumers receive their orders in a timely manner and reduce the loss brought on by missed delivery. Its bike fleet in France's and Germany's biggest cities will lessen traffic in the city centre and help create a desirable place to live.

With their incredibly quick execution and variety of options, the founders and their staff are indeed committed to defying eCommerce conventions. Modern customers and brands require the model, and Arive is committed to designing its UX to both protect and not undermine it.

Additionally, the startup has created a long-term sustainable business model with huge basket sizes and minimum waste. All brands collaborating with Arive will undoubtedly gain immensely from this concept.

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