What Is the Best Filling for Cushion Pads? A Complete Guide

by Luna johnsonMarch 9, 2023,
Cushion Pads

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Feather of a Duck

Duck Feathers seem to be the most preferred filler, comprised of small feathers with something like a little natural curl that serves as a spring assisting instability, restoration, and relaxation and generating medium-firm sink-in cushions. Feather cushion pads are indeed a low-cost material that works well in all-suite, dispersion, & support cushions. If you want these, then you should waste no time and find yourself the most suitable duck feather cushion pads.

Hollow Fibre

Fibre with a Hollow Core Hollow Fibre is a man-made artificial textile composed of hollow filaments which enable air to move through while retaining this within the filament, resulting in elevation. The fibre produces a generous, medium-firm cushion that is excellent for all platform, dispersion, & support cushions. Hollow fibre is just an anti-allergy stuffing that is equivalent in concentration and expense to feather, rendering it a perfect option for all those who struggle with allergic reactions. It is wonderful for both interior and exterior usages because it hinders mould development as well as is an anti-allergy stuffing that is equivalent in concentration as well as expense to feather.

Fibre with Micro Clusters

Micro-cluster fibre is a high-end artificial filler composed of microscopic clusters of little balls. The little balls distribute the fill evenly across the cushion, resulting in a delightfully plush finish, fast recovery, as well as a gentle to moderate touch. Micro cluster fibre seems to be an anti-allergy filling that is appropriate for indoor and outdoor suite bolstering and scattering cushions. This is a fantastic substitute to feather as well as down for persons who struggle with sensitivities because both fillings have a comparable thickness feeling.


Wool is a unique, organic filler option that most people must be pleased to introduce because some of them are among the few firms which have been authorised to utilise wool in furnishing cushions. Wool produces great suit, and scattering, especially support cushions, since its lightweight, has a solid, robust texture, and is easy to restore and stretch out after usage. Wool is a mid-priced stuffing that is well worth your investment if you like a deeper cushion. Wool is inherently anti-allergenic, dust mite and bacterium repellent, and therefore is regarded as the most environmentally beneficial and durable stuffing.

Feather & Down Feather

The feather and down filling is a genuine premium mix stuffing made up of 85% tiny duck feathers & 15% genuine duck down. These have been the most affordable premium stuffing, perfect for all-suite, dispersion, and support cushions. It provides gentler, chubbier cushions than ordinary duck feathers. Owing to the down, Feather & Down provides excellent restoration, but it also provides the extra assistance that duck feather provides.

Feathers & Down

Down & feather is indeed a premium organic filler compose of a 50/50 mix of genuine duck down and duck feathers. Owing to the enhanced smoothness of the stuffing, it's ideal for creating an incredibly soft plush suite, scattering, and support cushions. Its stuffing adds warmth and stability to the mattress.

Down from A Duck

Genuine duck down is indeed the finest premium uncompressed stuffing, giving an exceptional tenderness that no other filling can match, and it is often regarded as the most sumptuous filling for cushions. Genuine down, which would be compose of the soft cluster feathers which lurk underneath the quilted outer feathers, generates gentle cushions which you can plunge into as well as accomplishes an outstanding tubby texture. It is particularly suit to dispersion, bolster, as well as suit back cushions, but not chair cushions because down is too soft to provide sufficient assistance to sit on.

Soft Foam 

Soft Foam is ideal for any backrest cushions, both interior and exterior. Smooth foam backs provide a more definite shape than unstructured stuffing, with minimum upkeep and good restoration while remaining comfortable and supporting. If pair with foam seats, this is a great combo, and this can be wrap with Dacron wadding for a lovely plush finish.

Medium Firm Foam

Medium Firm Foam works well in spring or slatted equipment like couches, chairs, and even conservatory designs. It's great for seats since it has a moderate touch and provides excellent stability while also still allowing you to dip in a little. These moderate foam plugs could be trim to just about any size to fit into current cushion covers and are coat in a Dacron wadding that presses the coverings out to provide a plush feel comparable to unfastened stuffing but with less upkeep.

Soft Medium Foam 

A high-density foam excellent for the couch, seat, and garden chair cushions, with a luxurious gentle to moderate feeling and great strength and rebound. The ultimate Foam is high-end, a low-maintenance filler that maintains its form and lasts a lengthy time. This filler comes with a Dacron wadding coating for just a generous finish, contributing to its elegance and relaxation.

Foam That Is Firm

These stiff foam inserts were trim to fit, and they can be insert directly into space or between cushion covers. Strong Foam provides a solid, sturdy basis that gives improved stability and great restoration, as well as the ability to retain its structure over time. Because of its sturdiness and temperature resilience, it is only appropriate for firmer basic sitting, such as windows, stools, & rear seats, as well as exterior sitting uses. For individuals who desire a much more sumptuous finish, they may give firm Foam coated in Dacron wadding that softens off the edges and provides a generous appearance.

Final Words

Many options are available for cushion pad filings, such as Duck feathers, Foam, down and many more.

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