What is the Cost of Travel App Development in the USA?

by zoya aryaDecember 29, 2022
Cost of Travel App Development in the USA

Travel & Tourism is among the fastest-growing industries worldwide. In 2022, this sector made a revenue of $1.9 trillion. With a contribution of 2.9% to the GDP of the United States, this domain will surge in demand and digital growth. While popular apps such as Hopper and TripCase are helping travelers across America carefully plan their national & international trips, your travel services can also benefit from a dedicated application.

In this post, you will learn about the estimated cost of travel mobile app development if you hire an app design company. But before the budget breakdown, we will take a closer watch at the different travel app models & their features. This way, you will learn about the aspects that will define the travel app budget.

Types of Travel App Platforms that Generate ROI

1. Travel and Itinerary Planning Applications

This type of travel mobile app serves as an information portal where users can plan their trips to any desired place in the world. These traveling platforms have a custom itinerary that contemplates day-wise plans and relevant alerts. 

2. Local Travelling Guide Applications

A unified app that entails thorough details of events and services available in a specific region of a city or country falls under this travel app category. Moreover, your app users can easily search for restaurants and other similar services in local areas via guide apps. 

3. Hotel/Accommodation Booking Applications

Famous mobile app portals like Airbnb and Booking.com have a massive user base across the globe. There are similar applications designed uniquely for booking a budget hotel or renting a living space with specific arrangements. 

4. Flight Booking and Travel Deal Applications

A flight booking mobile app that also offers discount deals as Kayal can effectively fetch the attention of travelers in the USA. Since the United States has the highest number of travelers in the world with a discrete inclination for worldwide travel, there’s a chance you can benefit from this model of the application.

If you hire Android or iOS application development services for your travel brand, your service provider can consult you for an integrated application. You can consider building an app with multiple travel services combined as a single platform.

Pivotal Features that Must Be Imbibed to A Travel Mobile App

1. Search Customization for Various Locations

Your travel app users will need a custom search option where they can easily find flights, cabs, restaurants, and other commodities. A search customization feature will help them set preferences while browsing services on your online travel portal.

2. Custom Booking Management

A booking management panel will help travel business owners keep a track of total leads while understanding their behavior. This panel can also be tailored for managing booking changes, refunds, cancellations, and more. You may need to consult your IT provider for UI/UX design services to customize your travel mobile application for this feature.

3. Real-Time Flight Information

There are several tools and APIs that make real-time data access a fine possibility in the field of digital technologies. If you are looking to compile a data-backed travel app, then this should be one of the priorities on your feature checklist.

4. Converters for Currencies & Temperatures

Your users may belong to a specific region or country, but their travel goals may require a widened horizon. A travel app that consists of a currency converter or live updates of the location for temperature 

5. Option for In-App Payment

In-app payment options help travel brands generate a substantial amount of revenue, & travel portals can leverage it to engage more users with instant booking and encourage them to pay online and enjoy their trips hassle-free.

6. Push Notifications for Every Deal

Integration of push notifications is the most imperative aspect of mobile app design and development. But it is more crucial for travel applications as it drives people to make a booking decision with the help of an exciting deal.

The Cost of Hiring An App Design Company for Travel Mobile Applications

In general, the cost of a basic travel mobile app with a built-in map feature can cost up to $50,000 - $60,000. On the other hand, a full-fledged travel application with meticulous features like real-time flight updates can cost up to $1,00,000 or more. Moreover, travel apps with cross-platform settings need a budget of $2,00,000+ depending on the reach of the application and service regions. At Zazz, we provide custom travel app design and development services. Our developers build mobile and hybrid apps with features and add-ons to elevate your travel venture.

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