What Thrilling Games You Can Play at VR Park Dubai?

by Anvika aryaNovember 21, 2022
Play at VR Park Dubai

Being the largest virtual reality park in the world, VR Park Dubai has gained popularity globally. It is indeed a very captivating theme park in the Middle East. With an area of 7 000 square meters and expanded to two levels, this theme park has a lot to offer its visitors. You can take some time on weekends and let your kids enjoy unparalleled experiences of a virtual world and AR (Augmented Reality).

VR Park Dubai is a fantastic place to enjoy with your kids or friends and is located inside the Dubai Mall. At this park, you will enjoy a wide variety of games, whether tumbling down from the Burj Khalifa or dressing as a Bogeyman holding an AK47. All the games are interactive and keep you engaged.

In this article, you will learn and know about how thrilling games can be played at VR Park Dubai. Book the ticket now and enjoy the thrill with your friends or family.

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Being a famous attraction spot in the Middle East, this park is based on the concept of shared escapism. Here, you will find thrilling rides, cherishable experiences, and other games suitable for the whole family. The purpose of this theme park is to challenge reality as you see blurred lines between reality and perception.

At PLAY DXB, you will get different games for different ages and interests, starting from adrenalin, tranquility, horror, and many others. Moreover, you can enjoy playing games in multiplayer mode. Book your Play DXB tickets and take your friends with you to make ever-lasting memories.

Thrilling Games You Can Enjoy At VR Park Dubai

The wider range of VR games caters to all types of people. You can play the games you are interested in or love playing with your friends.


It is one of the most played and famous games in VR Park Dubai. In this single-player game, you can be a massive weaponized cybernetic ape. You need to escape from the creator who wants you to be his captive. You have to use your weapon against the creator.

The creator will keep sending drones to you while you hang onto the edge of a building. Now, it is your time to fight the creator by shooting bombs, evil battle bots, and drones to make the blasts happen.

It is indeed the best thrilling game you can enjoy at VR park. You will like it more if you are a fan of king kong. The games provide a realistic environment while you play using a VR headset.

The Raft

Another game that you should take advantage of while at VR Park is the Raft. It is a multiplayer game with four players maximum. This is a team game, and you will have to escape from the attacks from supernatural people. It is a prime example of combining augmented and virtual reality in a game.

You must know how to combine forces to beat your enemies to win the game. While playing this game, you must board your friends on the Raft and go to the swamp. Now, you will fight the aliens. You will experience many unexpected things, like a battle from the sky, shore, and over the water.

Burj Drop

Who doesn’t like to experience the highest view in the world at Burj Khalifa? We all dream of it, right? At VR Park, you can experience this unique experience using VR technology. You may have thought at some point how window cleaners do their job at such a height by risking their lives.

You can be one of them and imagine your cable is weakening, and now you are heading toward the earth. The idea of this game is to let people experience the drop from the tallest building. However, you need to find a way to save yourself at the very last minute. It is terrifying, but it will be much more exciting to give it a try after you buy Play DXB tickets before it gets too late.

Dubai Drone

Again, it is one of the most captivating things you could enjoy at VR Park Dubai. The entrance is designed with the concept of time traveling. A vibrant blue ambiance will give you the feel of another world. Moreover, you will learn about the idea of time traveling. Your kids will surely love experiencing this amazing digital aura.

John Wick Chronicles

Everybody is a fan of John Wick and wants to become like him. VR Park Dubai gives you a chance to be a famous hitman. You will be given assignments in the virtual city in the game. You will get all the gears you will need to complete the challenges.

Play and Enjoy Games at VR Park Dubai!

You can experience unforgettable memories, thrilling games, immersive rides, and engaging games at VR Park Dubai. Moreover, it also increases your knowledge about the latest advancements in the tech world. Buy your Play DBX tickets and be there with your friends and family.

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