What You Need To Know About Cleaning Your FRIGG Pacifier

by Anvika aryaAugust 18, 2022,


When we welcome our little ones into the world, we only want the best for them, including high-quality clothing, toys, formulas, pacifiers, and many more. We want our babies to grow up healthy and safe. That’s why we always choose the best products for our little ones.  

Lately, FRIGG pacifiers have become very popular because of the materials and the design the company uses to create these high-quality products. You can instantly see that they differ from all the other rubber pacifiers, providing your baby with a healthier jaw position when they use a pacifier. Since the design and the materials differ from other pacifiers, you may have difficulty cleaning them properly.  

Today, we will tell you how to clean your FRIGG pacifiers and expand their lifespan. To understand how to clean these pacifiers, we first need to talk about the materials used for the pacifiers themselves.  

What are FRIGG pacifiers made of?  

FRIGG pacifiers use non-toxic materials, which are crucial for your baby’s health. These pacifiers come in various designs, such as the Frigg daisy pacifier, but the vital aspect of these pacifiers is the material used for their production.  

Most of the other pacifiers you can find on the market are made of rubbers containing microplastics and other toxic chemicals that can harm your baby’s health. However, these Scandinavian pacifiers are mostly made of medicinal silicone – proven to be one of the safest materials, even for the youngest children.  

With this being said, the sterilization and cleaning process of these pacifiers differs from others, as you will see below.  


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How to clean your FRIGG pacifier? 

If you own a FRIGG pacifier, you may wonder how to clean it properly and reach every little crease. Below, we will go over all the essentials you need to clean and sterilize these pacifiers.  

  1. Boil some water – if you want to deep-clean your child’s pacifier, prepare a pot with boiling water beforehand. It’s the first step of the cleaning process; 
  1. Remove the water from the stove – although you need boiling water, you shouldn’t boil your pacifier on the stove;  
  1. Put the pacifier in – after removing your pot, you should gently put your pacifier in the pot with boiling water;  
  1. Let it soak – your pacifier should soak in the boiling water for up to 5 minutes to sterilize the pacifier; 
  1. Dry the pacifier – after removing the pacifier from the boiling water (do it gently to avoid burns from boiling water), leave it out to dry;  
  1. Drain the excess water – if the pacifier still has some water inside, squeeze it out before giving it back to your child.  

The cleaning process isn’t complicated, but you must follow the instructions carefully to expand the lifespan of the pacifier. We will also discuss what you can do and what you should avoid helping your FRIGG pacifier last longer.  


How often should I clean the FRIGG pacifier?  

If your baby is frequently using its pacifier, you should make sure to clean it regularly. After every use, follow the instructions previously mentioned to ensure that the pacifier is sanitized. Moreover, if the pacifier has been stored for some time, you should repeat the process, even if you cleaned it before storing it. It will ensure that all of the dust particles and bacteria are removed.  

How do I make my FRIGG pacifier last longer?  

If you and your child like the FRIGG pacifier, you may wonder what measures to take to make it last longer. Here are a few key facts to keep in mind regarding FRIGG pacifier maintenance.  

Don’t expose it to light or heat.  

Some materials are prone to tearing when exposed to constant heat and light. One such material is medicinal silicone used in FRIGG pacifiers. If you want your pacifier to last longer, you should store it in a cool, dark place. We have mentioned that you shouldn’t boil your pacifier and not keep it in boiling water for more than 5 minutes since it can damage it.  

Clean it properly  

We mentioned that you need to clean your FRIGG pacifier, and if you want to expand its lifespan, you should clean it properly. If the pacifier isn’t sterilized after use, some bacteria may remain, causing your pacifier to tear quickly. Moreover, you should clean it properly because these bacteria can harm your baby’s health.  

Some other things that may cause the pacifier to tear faster will not depend on the maintenance. Your baby might be chewing or sucking the pacifier vigorously, causing it to tear faster. However, you should always ensure that you are taking all the measures to keep your pacifier in great shape for longer.  



FRIGG pacifiers have become increasingly popular among parents worldwide since they are made out of safe, non-toxic materials. The design of these pacifiers also plays a significant role in a child’s health since it ensures a good jaw position, preventing possible jaw deformities.  

Since this pacifier differs from others on the market, the cleaning process may also vary. We have explained how you should clean your pacifier and how often you should clean it, and give you some tips on how to make it last longer.  

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