Which EMR is superior, Allscripts EMR vs. eClinical EMR? 

by Anvika aryaJanuary 2, 2023

Finding an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solution that satisfies your particular needs might take time and effort. Implementing programs like eClinicalWorks or Allscripts requires much thought and consideration of critical factors. Which of the two, Allscripts or eClinicalWorks, is better? We used to feature, plans and prices, integration, and usability aspects to provide you with a thorough comparison so you can pick the best for your practice.  

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Allscripts EMR- An overview  

Allscripts is a revolutionary EMR platform that has seen significant development since its beginnings. Advanced capabilities are included and are significantly more than a basic electronic health record solution. This method is renowned for its ability to prescribe, chart, and report on quality.  

Let's check Allscripts EMR Features  

  • Performance Management: Medical practices can only evolve steadily, which is only possible by ensuring long-term effectiveness. Every healthcare facility strives to improve its clinical services to operate as effectively as possible. The business information tools made available by Allscripts EMR software enable this.  
  • Customer service-focused: Allscripts' specialized healthcare platform offers practitioners a variety of support options. Its EMR is famous for providing excellent support and training and using cloud-based and remote training technology trains all clinicians and their personnel.  
  • Tools for Managing Your Practice: Customers of Allscripts EMR get access to best-in-class practice management solutions. The vendor increases the motivation of the administrative employees by granting them greater control over their regular duties. For example, staff personnel can scan patient papers into medical records and store them online.  
  • Mobile accessibility: The Allscripts EMR software's mobile accessibility feature is intriguing. It can even be seen in the Allscripts EMR demo. This significantly accelerates work because clinicians can finish it while on the fly. Caregivers can interact with patients, study patient information, offer comments about their progress, look over lab results, and ask for refills using the app. They can also make changes to patient flowsheets and record tasks that have been accomplished while moving, keeping the system up to date for all staff members. Allscripts EMR's straightforward yet effective solution streamlines all time-consuming activities.  

Benefits of adopting Allscripts  

Allscripts offers services to healthcare organizations and practices of all sizes and specialties. It satisfies the practice requirements for most healthcare facilities with various features and add-ons that may be seamlessly integrated.  

Allscripts collects crucial information, such as the exchange of medical records, quality reporting, and previous authorizations. In-between-appointment communication between patients and doctors is made possible by real-time texting. It is possible to automatically assign specialized equipment to the correct exam room and clinician at the right moment.  

Allscripts automates a large number of time-consuming and monotonous everyday tasks. For example, users can get patient demographics, payment information, and insurance to increase the effectiveness of patient visits. In addition, to monitor employees' general health and promote healthy behavior, Allscripts provides employee health management tools.  

Allscripts provides employee health management systems to monitor staff members' overall health and encourage a healthy lifestyle among all staff members. In addition, the software enables users to access their health plans online and track their progress.  

Allscripts Pros and cons  


  • You can use it no matter where you are because it is always open.  
  • It enables the use of third-party connectors to enhance workflow.  
  • The customer service is speedy to respond.  


  • By disrupting workflow, frequent changes lower performance.  

Price of Allscripts EMR 

The cost of Allscripts EMR is not available in the open. However, Allscripts EMR's practice management system is cost-free compared to alternative solutions.  

 Can eClinicalWorks replace Allscripts EMR? 

Hospitals and clinics can get EMR software solutions from eClinicalWorks EMR System, a provider of healthcare IT services. Its services include revenue cycle management (RCM), practice management (PM), population health management (PHM), and software for electronic medical records (EMR). 

eClinicalWorks EHR Software offers both on-premises and cloud-based solutions. The technology, which clinics of all sizes can utilize, allows them to keep patient accounts, validate eligibility online, and verify patient histories, previous visits, current medications, allergies, lab results, and diagnostic tests. 

Additionally, eClinicalWorks offers a feature-rich patient portal where clients may view test results, ask for refills on existing prescriptions, communicate with physicians, and make appointments. 

Key Features eClinicalWorks offers 

  • Online Patient Portal: This portal encourages patient participation in their care. Additionally, having a patient portal function makes you less administratively burdened because patients can schedule their appointments through the portal themselves, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself.  
  •  Patient Portal: Patients are involved in their care through the portal here. Additionally, having a patient portal function makes you less administratively burdened because patients can schedule their appointments through the portal themselves, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself.  
  • Cloud server: In this day and age, a cloud-based EHR is essential. This is because you can access the software from anywhere. The eClinicalWorks EMR software is also device independent, allowing you to access and use it without any issues on any operating system. The popularity of this software is due to how simple it is to use.  
  • Integration: Integration is crucial since having a centralized program makes everything easier to manage. The platform's web browser interface also simultaneously combines all necessary hardware, such as ECG and EEG. 
  • Revenue Cycle Management: Lastly, many internet users believe this software's revenue cycle management aspect is worthwhile. The function examines your financial situation and works to help you become better off. By validating patient eligibility from the outset, the program enables you to lower the proportion of defaulters in your practice.  

Critical Advantages of eClinicalWorks Software  

The business offers hospitals, ambulatory practices, urgent care centers, ACOs, and 50+ specialties cloud-based EHR Software in addition to on-premise solutions. To assist with the switch from a traditional EHR system to eClinicalWorks EHR software, the vendor provides a free data transfer/conversion policy. It also offers free on-site training and first implementation services for 1–9 physician practices. Additionally, it comes with an RCM solution with a reasonable fee of 20% of monthly collected payments and no other start-up costs.  

The most recent software upgrade, eClinical EMR V11, ensures improved patient safety and gives doctors access to Eva, a virtual assistant, to assist them in comparing progress notes and remembering patient histories. It also allows interoperability and credit card payment with a card on file to increase care coordination. Additionally, customers can use a web browser on an iPad or smartphone to access the EHR system for PC and MAC.  

The platform is also one of the first EHR suppliers to offer a tool to help doctors assess patient risk and suggest alternate treatments for opioid dependence. In addition, the program seeks to assist medical professionals in adjusting treatment regimens to stop opioid abuse and assure the safety of controlled medication prescriptions.  

eClinicalWorks Pros and cons  


  • The business strategically placed nine data centers on the eClinical software Grid cloud to enable quick access to user data.  
  •   Their practice management system has a built-in e-fax server at no extra charge.  


  • In 2017, the business was a defendant in a false claim act case and was required to reach a settlement with the DOJ. It will undertake regular independent software quality reviews for the next five years and provide the government with recommendations and details. 

eClinicalWorks pricing information  

The program offers good value for the money when it comes to price. Overall, each practitioner pays $499 per month for the eClinicalWorks EHR.  

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