Why Do Pakistani Women Clothes Different Than Indian Women?

by Anvika aryaNovember 15, 2022
Why Do Pakistani Women Clothes Different Than Indian Women?

This is primarily due to the distinct traditional traditions and cultures of the two nations. Pakistani women advocate Islam, while Indian women are supporting Hinduism. Pakistani ladies wear suits because Islam encourages it for women. Analysis has revealed that Pakistani clothing is admired all around the world. It's interesting to note that this is the leading cause of Pakistani designer suit boutiques in the UK. In this post, we'll introduce you to one such retailer of fashionable Pakistani suits in the UK. Let's learn more about this apparel establishment and how traditional Pakistani outfits are represented in the UK by it.

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There are many Pakistani women wear different clothing than their counterparts in India. One of the most obvious is that Pakistan is predominately Muslim while India is Hindu. In Pakistan, most Muslim women wear a burqa, which covers them from head to toe, as well as a niqab which only leaves their eyes visible. Most of these clothing items are made from lightweight fabrics that allow for more mobility and comfort during warmer weather.

Excellent Fabric Quality

Pakistani culture is traditionally conservative. Pakistani men and women wear long, loose-fitting clothing that covers the body from head to toe. Women in Pakistan often wear dresses or tunics with full-length sleeves that end at the wrists. Men typically wear shalwar Kameez or tunics with loose-fitting trousers and a scarf wrapped around their waist called a Dupatta.

Western fashion has influenced the clothing trends of Pakistani men and women over the years. Women can now find many styles of dresses at their local department stores and boutiques, while men have started wearing jeans more often as well as jackets.

Some traditional colors worn by Pakistanis are green, red, blue, black, white, brown and yellow.

Under Your Budget

Pakistani women are known for their beautiful, traditional outfits that often include a shalwar Kameez. The shalwar is a loose-fitting pajama or pant, and the Kameez is the tunic or shirt worn over it. This outfit can be seen in both rural and urban areas of Pakistan and is traditionally worn by Muslim women with head coverings such as scarves.

In contrast to this, many Indian women wear saris, which are long pieces of fabric that wrap around their bodies in various ways and are usually pleated at the end. They are considered more conservative than shalwar Kameez because they cover more of the body's surface area.

Rare Offers

As it has been said before, India and Pakistan are neighbors with a lot of history. They share many similarities, such as the dialects and religions (Islam). But what is it that sets them apart from one another? The answer lies in their cultures. While both countries have similar dress codes for women, there are some key differences:

  • Indian clothing is extremely colorful and vibrant whereas Pakistani clothing tends to be more neutral.
  • Pakistani styles tend to be more modest with less revealing necklines or hemlines.
  • Pakistani clothing is often heavily embroidered or embellished in gold.

Wrapping Up!

There are a variety of reasons why Pakistani women's clothing is different from that of their Indian counterparts. The most obvious is the difference in climate and available fabric. While India has many warm, humid climates, Pakistan is mostly arid and hot with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Wearing loose fitting clothing would be impractical for these conditions, so most traditional outfits are made from light fabrics that allow ventilation. Additionally, the social norms in Pakistan dictate what a woman should wear; traditionally, they should not show any skin.

In contrast to the largely conservative society in Pakistan, there is more diversity among India's population regarding fashion and dress.


It's interesting to note that this is the main cause of clothes from pakistan onlineboutiques in the UK. One such retailer of fashionable Pakistani suits in the UK. Yes, Filhaal is the topic at hand. Pakistani women dress in suits because Islam supports it for females. Let's learn more about this apparel establishment and traditional Pakistani outfits are represented in the UK by it.

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