Why Is Our Healthcare System Failing?

by Anvika aryaMarch 28, 2022
Why Is Our Healthcare System Failing?

The U.S. healthcare system's most serious issues due to which it is failing are as follows:

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Care Costs Are Exorbitant

According to healthcare experts in the United States, the cost of modern technologies and prescription pharmaceuticals has skyrocketed. Demand for more intensive, pricey services is fueled by the availability of more expensive, cutting-edge medical technologies and prescription medications, even if they are not always cost-effective. 

Medical costs have risen due to the development of chronic disorders, such as obesity. Chronic illnesses account for a large share of healthcare costs nationwide, particularly during end-of-life care. Patients with chronic illnesses, for example, account for 32 percent of overall Medicare spending, with a large portion of that going toward physician and hospital expenses associated with multiple hospitalizations.

High administrative costs are a major element in the skyrocketing healthcare prices in the United States. Some of the government's administrative needs are outsourced to private companies. The goal is to increase administrative efficiency while providing citizens with high-quality healthcare.

Inadequate Insurance Protection

Although most Americans have health insurance, costs are rising, and the quality of policies is deteriorating. Furthermore, typical annual premiums for family coverage have risen faster than inflation and wage growth.

The lack of health insurance coverage has serious economic effects in the United States. According to the Center for American Progress, the cost of not having health insurance in the United States is between $124 billion and $248 billion each year. Furthermore, uninsured people have shorter lifespans and lose output due to their poor health.

Health insurance coverage is inequitable. Minorities and low-income households are largely uninsured. As a result, they are more likely to suffer from health problems than insured Americans. Furthermore, because of the high medical care expenditures, the uninsured may forego regular health examinations. As a result, individuals are more inclined to seek preventive health care.

TransparencyIis Lacking

The healthcare system in the United States is rife with fraud and cover-ups. Upcoding between providers and insurance providers, for example, is a big issue. Providers "upcode" a procedure to obtain more money from insurance companies, but insurance companies charge employers greater premiums. As a result, health consumers find themselves trapped in the middle, with no control over health outcomes or pricing.

Finding Doctors Is Difficult

Health consumers cannot simply locate a decent doctor due to a lack of available doctor credentials and accomplishments. Instead, they rely on uneducated online evaluations to help them evaluate characteristics such as staff friendliness and wait times. 

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