Why Order Jain Food In Trains?

by zoya aryaSeptember 6, 2023
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Are you a Jain traveller looking for a wholesome and delicious meal while journeying on trains? Look no further! In this blog post, we will explore the wonderful world of Jain food and why ordering it in trains is the perfect choice for your travel needs. Whether you follow strict dietary restrictions or simply enjoy the simplicity and purity of Jain cuisine, we have got you covered. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds as we dive into the delectable realm of Jain culinary delights.

What is Jain food?

According to irctc train food order Jain food is a unique and special type of cuisine that adheres to the principles of Jainism, an ancient Indian religion. The followers of Jainism believe in non-violence (ahimsa) and practice strict vegetarianism. Therefore, Jain food is entirely free from all animal products, including meat, fish, eggs, and even certain vegetables like onions and garlic.

The philosophy behind Jain food revolves around minimizing harm to living beings. It promotes simplicity and purity in eating habits while ensuring that the preparation process doesn't cause any harm or violence to any living creature.

In Jain cooking, great emphasis is placed on using fresh ingredients and maintaining hygiene throughout the cooking process. The flavours are kept simple yet delicious by incorporating an array of aromatic spices such as cumin seeds, turmeric powder, coriander leaves, ginger paste, etc.

Jain cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes ranging from appetizers like samosas and kachoris to main courses like dal makhani and paneer tikka masala. Additionally, there are plenty of options for breads like rotis and parathas along with fragrant rice preparations like jeera rice or vegetable biryani.

Ordering Jain food in train through Gofoodieonline's convenient online platform ensures that you get access to freshly prepared meals that meet your dietary requirements during your train journey. Whether you're a follower of Jainism or simply looking for a healthy vegetarian meal option while travelling by train - ordering Jain food will definitely satisfy your taste buds without compromising on your beliefs!

Why order Jain food on trains?

Jainism, one of the oldest religions in the world, promotes a way of life that emphasizes non-violence and compassion towards all living beings. This includes adhering to a strict vegetarian diet that avoids root vegetables and ingredients derived from animals. So why should you consider ordering Jain food when travelling on trains?

Jain food ensures that your dietary restrictions are taken care of while travelling. By opting for Jain meals, you can avoid any concerns about non-vegetarian or onion-garlic preparations being included in your meal.

Ordering Jain food allows you to experience unique flavours and dishes that are specifically prepared to meet the principles of Jainism. These meals often include a variety of lentils, grains, fresh vegetables, and aromatic spices that create delicious and wholesome meals.

Additionally, choosing Jain food also supports businesses and organizations promoting sustainable practices. Many caterers who provide Jain meals focus on sourcing organic produce and using eco-friendly packaging options.

Ordering Jain food in trains has become easier than ever with Gofoodieonline's online platform. Simply visit their website or download their app to browse through an extensive list of restaurants offering authentic Jain cuisine during train journeys across India.

By selecting the option for 'Jain Food' while placing your order online with Gofoodieonline, you can ensure a hassle-free dining experience without compromising on taste or adherence to your dietary preferences.

How to Order Jain Food in Trains Online With Gofoodieonline?

If you're a Jain traveller and looking for a hassle-free way to order Jain food on trains, look no further than Gofoodieonline. This online platform has made ordering Jain meals on trains quick and convenient.

To order Jain food with Gofoodieonline, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the Gofoodieonline website or download their mobile app.
  • Enter your train details such as train number, boarding station, and destination.
  • Browse through their extensive menu specifically designed for Jain travellers.
  • Select your desired items from the menu and add them to your cart.
  • Customize your meal by specifying any special dietary requirements or preferences.
  • Proceed to checkout and make payment using various secure options available.

Once your order is placed, Gofoodieonline takes care of the rest! They ensure that your freshly prepared Jain meal is delivered right at your seat during the designated delivery time slot.

With Gofoodieonline's user-friendly interface and reliable service, ordering delicious and hygienic Jain food in trains has never been easier! So next time you travel by train, take advantage of this convenient option provided by Gofoodieonline and enjoy a sumptuous dining experience while on the go!


Ordering Jain food in trains can be a great choice for those who follow the Jain dietary restrictions or simply prefer vegetarian meals. With its emphasis on simplicity, purity, and non-violence, Jain cuisine offers a wide array of delicious options that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Thanks to online platforms like Gofoodieonline, ordering Jain food on trains has become easier than ever before. Whether you're travelling for business or pleasure, you can now enjoy wholesome and flavorful Jain meals delivered right to your train seat. Simply browse through the menu, select your favourite dishes, and place your order with just a few clicks.

By opting for Jain food during train journeys, not only are you ensuring that your dietary needs are met but also supporting sustainable practices by choosing plant-based meals. So why compromise on taste or ethics when you can have both?

Next time you hop on a train journey and want to savour some delectable yet nutritious meals without any hassle, remember to order Jain food through Gofoodieonline. Sit back, relax and relish every bite of your customized meal while enjoying the scenic views outside.

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