Write For Us: Guest Post Opportunities for General News

Write for Us at The Morning News

We appreciate your interest in wanting to write as a guest blogger at The Morning News. We cover topics that relate to general news, the economy, healthcare, business, travel, and technology.

How to Submit Articles

We will be delighted if you want to contribute content to us at The Morning News. If interested, send us an email that includes the file in Microsoft Word format, with an author bio, and a relevant image. 

Guidelines For Guest Posts 

  • Article length should be at least 1000 words.
  • The content should be original. Plagiarized content will be rejected. 
  • The article should be well-written and unique, with no grammatical errors. 
  • Content should be relevant to our readers and audience.
  • You should also add relevant images to make your post attractive. The image should be 1200 x 800 pixels.
  • Make sure the post belongs to the categories and niches we cover. 
  • We reserve the right to take down the post and take further actions if your product/service violates any copyright or patent.
  • No direct promotion of corporations is allowed. 
  • Links to third-party sites are allowed, but limit these to 2 links. 
  • Content should not be demeaning to any person, organization, country.

Search Terms for General News Guest Blogging Websites 

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