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Wednesdau, January 15, 1997

Last updated at 3 a.m. CST Wednesday, Jan. 15
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What's News!

Governor Mike Huckabee shelved his rebate venture and vowed to go along with the Democrats' tax plans. Read more about Huckabee's speech to the 81st General Assembly in the news section.

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Today's Weather

Hi: 37-40

Lo: 15-18

Light freezing rain changing to occasional rain by late morning. Otherwise, partly cloudy and warmer.

Partly Cloudy

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Hawg Calls

Roll, Hogs, Roll!

Hogs vs. BamaThe Razorbacks roll into Tuscaloosa for a battle with the Alabama Crimson Tide tonight, a contest that's conspicuously non-televised.

Also, Nashville quarterback Jared McBride commits to Arkansas.

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